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  • Cisco IT on Cisco Umbrella2:50

    Cisco IT on Cisco Umbrella

    Hear from Steve Martino, CISO of Cisco and his staff on the value of Cisco Umbrella in improving overall security effectiveness.

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  • Avanade Customer Video2:38

    Avanade Customer Video

    Joseph Paradi, Sr. Director ITS Infrastructure discusses how Avanade protects its consultants working off the corporate network with Umbrella.

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  • University of Kansas Hospital Umbrella Customer Video2:43

    University of Kansas Hospital Umbrella Customer Video

    Henry Duong, Infrastructure Security Manager at University of Kansas Hospital, explains how Umbrella helps his team fight ransomware and keep patients and researchers secure.

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  • Broadcom Customer Video1:53

    Broadcom Customer Video

    Andy Nallapan, VP & CIO of Broadcom, explains how OpenDNS helps to provide an IT environment where employees and customers are protected outside of the corporate firewall.

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  • George Washington University Customer Video2:31

    George Washington University Customer Video

    Mike Glyer, Director of Information Security Services, explains how George Washington University uses OpenDNS to protect intellectual property and reputation.

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  • Loffler Companies | MSP Partner Voice1:10

    Loffler Companies | MSP Partner Voice

    Paul Rehovsky, IT Service Manager at the Loffler Companies, wanted a cost-effective security solution that was also simple to deploy. He chose Cisco Umbrella for MSPs especially because deployment can

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  • OpenDNS Case Study: Mirus IT2:08

    OpenDNS Case Study: Mirus IT

    Learn how Mirus IT, a UK-based Mnanged Service Provider (MSP), uses OpenDNS to reduce the time spent mitigating malware infections, saving close to £60,000 annually. TO read the full case study, visit

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  • Umbrella for MSPs Customer Testimonial - CentrexIT1:26

    Umbrella for MSPs Customer Testimonial - CentrexIT

    Eric Rockwell, President of CentrexIT, explains how Umbrella for MSPs helps his clients avoid phishing attempts and malicious sites, while keeping his engineers and techs from losing time fighting vir

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