FireEye Integration

August 24, 2016

Global Protection Against Advanced Malware

Together, OpenDNS and FireEye give you the power to block advanced malware behind and beyond the network perimeter, everywhere your employees work.

FireEye appliances provide powerful security for people on the network

FireEye’s purpose-built, virtual machine-based technology detects advanced malware by examining network traffic in your corporate environment for unknown payloads. Then, analyzing these payloads for malicious behaviors in real-time.

But not everyone works on the corporate network

Today, mobile employees increasingly bypass their VPN agents for a variety of reasons. If VPNs are not always on, traffic will not always pass over the network’s perimeter where you have deployed security appliances. These employees’ devices are only defended by traditional endpoint anti-malware, which relies on comparing data files to known threat samples to block malware. But advanced malware seldom, if ever, is blocked using this signature-based technique.

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Cradlepoint Intergration
Cradlepoint Intergration

Our partnership with Cradlepoint makes provisioning Umbrella as simple as a checkbox.

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Cisco AMP Threat Grid Integration
Cisco AMP Threat Grid Integration

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