Umbrella App Discovery and Blocking

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Shadow IT challenge You can't enable, manage, secure or block what you can't see. Organizations, departments, and individual users are all embracing the cloud and leveraging new apps to help improve productivity but the majority of new apps are being adopted without any involvement from IT or Security. This results in a big shadow IT challenge with the typical organization accessing hundreds of cloud apps that IT isn't aware of. The lack of a coordinated cloud enablement strategy typically leads to a broad set of productivity, expense, security and support issues. You need full visibility into cloud activity and the ability to block unwanted apps to enable cloud adoption in a secure and organized fashion. True visibility is more than just app identification The first step is identifying the full spectrum of cloud apps that are in use in your organization, but that isn't enough. You need to understand who the vendor is, what the app does, how many users are accessing it, the volume of requests, and what level of risk it represents. Leveraging Umbrella log files for shadow IT visibility You can now use your DNS logs to discover the cloud apps that your users are accessing because Cisco provides in-product integration between Umbrella and Cloudlock. The Umbrella user interface can now be configured to include both the Cloudlock App Discovery dashboard and drill down reports based on your existing Umbrella DNS activity. App Discovery and Blocking © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Key Use Cases • Gain visibility of cloud app and service usage across the entire network from Umbrella logs • Identify high risk apps in your environment and by category • Evaluate the risk level of each app with a combination of vendor and app specific attributes • Provide status of vendor compliance and certifications • Use category based reports, user data and risk scores to make optimization, and sanctioning decisions • Monitor requests across existing apps and detect new apps to manage cloud app sprawl • Block unwanted application categories or individual apps Overview and trending information The App Discovery dashboard provides an overview of the number of app requests by date and risk level to show patterns and changes over time. The most recent set of discovered and unreviewed apps are highlighted for easy access and a chart showing the number of apps in each major category is provided with a breakdown by risk level. These summary charts allow point and click access to more detailed information on the category or individual application to simplify common administrator tasks.

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