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© 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Introduction Do you have concerns about where your Cisco Umbrella logs are stored? With EU data sovereignty laws, storing EU-citizen data in a US-based data center can complicate things for EU companies. Cisco Umbrella now makes it easy for EU companies to store their log data in the EU. You now have the option to select an EU-based data center in Frankfurt, Germany for your Umbrella log data storage. Cisco Umbrella European Union (EU) log storage data center AT A G L A N C E Frequently Asked Questions What is an Umbrella data warehouse and what is it used for? An Umbrella data warehouse is a data storage facility used for storing long-term activity logs needed for Umbrella reporting. What kind of data is stored there? All data used for Umbrella reports comes from the data warehouse log storage. This includes domains requested and blocked, applications requested and blocked, and by whom. It also includes other important information used for reporting. Why is it important to customers to be able to store data in the EU? Because of various regulations for EU data sovereignty and data locality, customers in the EU are very interested in where their data is stored. GDPR has raised awareness further. Knowing that their data can be stored in the EU can simplify the process for the company's privacy officer. Data stored properly in the US data warehouse can still meet EU compliance requirements but may require the company's privacy officer to apply more scrutiny. Will Cisco Umbrella make an organization GDPR compliant? No single product will make an organization GDPR compliant. GDPR legislates privacy best practices. It requires privacy and data protection to be built-in and integrated in all data processing activities performed. This is about respecting individual rights, secure processes, and managing risk. Well-applied technology solutions can help underpin success. For example, Cisco Umbrella can help raise security levels by blocking suspicious domains. Does personal data need to remain in the EU? No. People often assume that the EU GDPR requires data localization and that personal data must remain in the EU. GDPR provides that EU personal data should be processed in the EU unless you have approved mechanisms that allow for the international transfer of data. For example, Cisco has certified compliance with the EU-US and Swiss-US Privacy Shield which commits Cisco to a set of privacy principles and practices aligned to EU law when processing EU personal data in the US. Support both EU or US log storage with Umbrella Multi-Org Console With Umbrella Multi-Org Console, you can configure Umbrella to have child orgs point to either storage location. To enable the top-level parent org to run their summary reports we have added a drop down for selecting the desired region (EU or US) in the Security Summary section of the Multi-Org Console.

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