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Data sheet Cisco Umbrella © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Free, fast, and ultra reliable recursive DNS service with real-time security visibility The Cisco Umbrella DNS Monitoring package is a free recursive DNS service that includes real-time reporting and categorization of all internet activity. The Umbrella DNS Monitoring package provides valuable insights into critical events on a network, including the occurrence of threats such as malware, ransomware, and phishing. Deploying DNS Monitoring is as simple as changing one setting in network devices — no hardware to deploy or software to manually update. You can also leverage pre-built network device integrations to make deployment even simpler. Date -Time Domain Security Categor y Identity S e c u r i t y Ac t i v i t y Date-Time Domain Security Category Identity 11/4–10:01 am 11/4-9:30 am 11/4-8:05 am 11/3-12:04 am 11/3-8:40 pm 11/3-7:34 pm Malware Ransomware Phishing Malware Botnet Malware Headquarters Vancouver Branch Office New York Branch Office Raleigh Branch Office Chicago Branch Office San Francisco Branch Office Security Activity ON-NETWORK DEVICES UMBRELLA GLOBAL NETWORK What's included with DNS Monitoring Fast & Reliable DNS DNS Monitoring is powered by our global network that handles over 175 billion requests a day, from 90 million users, across 160 countries. By announcing one IP address for hundreds of DNS resolvers across all data center locations, we're able to avoid service disruptions and ensure requests are automatically sent to the closest datacenter. Even if multiple locations go offline, DNS requests are transparently routed to the next best location, ensuring reliability for your users. Since 2006, our services have provided 100% business uptime. Network-wide visibility DNS Monitoring goes beyond DNS resolution by allowing you to see what's happening on your networks. In real- time, all internet activity over any port or protocol is logged and categorized by 8 types of security threats, as well as 80+ types of web content. Users can search, filter, and export 14-days of activity. When we say free, we mean free We take privacy seriously — we'll never gather personal information to sell to advertisers or other organizations. Cisco Umbrella: DNS Monitoring Package What if I want to block activity? After setting up DNS Monitoring, you'll see the threats that are occurring across your network. By upgrading to one of the core Cisco Umbrella packages (Professional, Insights, or Platform), you can quickly and easily block these threats and enforce content filtering rules. Learn more: products/packages

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