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Case study Staffordshire University The Challenge Securely connecting across campus and beyond As a leading university for healthcare education and digital technologies, Staffordshire University (also called Staffs) set out to transform its IT infrastructure to better meet the evolving needs of its students, staff and guests, who increasingly participated in distance learning, international partnerships, and work/study abroad opportunities away from the campus. Staffordshire also became the first university in the United Kingdom to migrate fully to the cloud. "These new capabilities brought new risks," says Mark Hewitt, Staffs Cybersecurity Manager. "We needed to provide a very secure environment that would allow our students, lecturers and other users—including approximately 5,000 end-user devices that visit our network each day—to work online and in the cloud without risk of phishing attacks, command-and-control callbacks, and other malware threats." "However, we didn't have a clear view into our traffic, which made remediation time-consuming and prevention nearly impossible," says Mark Hewitt. "We were tasked with improving the digital experience expected of Staffordshire - known as 'the Connected University' – protecting the University's proprietary research and ensuring regulatory compliance with the UK's Prevent duty and the European Union's General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) among other regulations. To accomplish these goals, we needed a better way to identify and block malicious activity on our network so that we could prevent security attacks in the future." Objective Staffordshire University chose Cisco Umbrella to safeguard the proprietary research and sensitive personal data on its network while providing students, staff, and community users with a seamless, secure online experience on campus, away from school, in the cloud, and everywhere else the business of learning takes place. Solution Cisco Umbrella Impact • Reduced incident response time by 98 percent • Saved users and community businesses from being defrauded by MageCart digital credit card skimmers • Reduction in malware and phishing incidents © 2019 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. " Cisco Umbrella accomplished more for our network's security in the first hour after its quick and easy deployment than any previous product we have deployed." Mark Hewitt Cybersecurity Manager Staffordshire University

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