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Feature Brief Cisco Umbrella © 2019 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Secure apps, data and users anywhere, anytime In a security context where the threat landscape is constantly evolving and attacks becoming more and more sophisticated, DNS has become a primary target and assault vector for hackers, damaging brand reputation, revenue and operational efficiency of companies in all sectors. Simple. Powerful. Integrated. The combination of Cisco Umbrella and EfficientIP technologies extends the enterprise security perimeter and strengthens network defenses. The technology alliance combines threat intelligence services to protect against malicious domains, with behavioral detection of attacks and adaptive security. It offers a best-of-breed market solution to defend against the widest range of DNS menaces, protecting on and off-network users, safeguarding data confidentiality and ensuring both internal and external service continuity. Protection against the wildest range of DNS threats The joint solution offers in-depth visibility and security of DNS services for the most comprehensive threat protection. On-premise, SOLIDserverTM DNS Guardian is a purpose-built security appliance enabling DNS Transaction Inspection (DTI) technology for real-time advanced analytics and context-aware behavioral attack detection over client traffic, at ultra-high speed (up to 10M Queries per Second). Patented adaptive countermeasures (block, quarantine, or rescue mode) ensure service continuity and data confidentiality while mitigating risk of false positives. When internet recursive DNS queries are identified as trustworthy, DNS Guardian tags, encrypts (DNSCrypt) and forwards them to the Cisco Umbrella. Umbrella blocks requests for domains associated with malware and content filtering policies. Protect users on and off network This combination of complementary security technologies extends the enterprise security perimeter by protecting both on/off-network users and internal DNS services availability - resolver and authoritative. Thanks to "on-the-fly" traffic tagging with Umbrella identities, DNS Guardian enables detailed visibility of the client behind each query, via the Cisco Umbrella dashboard. Additionally, DNS-DHCP-IPAM data offers key information on associated devices such as location or name, improving network control, reporting capacity and remediation efficiency. Extend security perimeters & strengthen defenses Cisco Umbrella DNS Guardian Detailed Traffic Visibility Request IDs (DNSCrypt)

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