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Data sheet Cisco Umbrella © 2019 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. The new normal - decentralized networks Enterprise security and networking are going through a significant transformation. Traditionally, all internet traffic from branch offices was routed back to a central location and security functions were performed there. Now, the wide-scale use of cloud applications has become fundamental to business operations at all locations. 32% of organizations report that the majority of their apps are SaaS based now and that number is expected to increase to 60% within two years.¹ In branch offices, the centralized security approach has become impractical because of the high cost of backhauling traffic and the resulting performance issues. Many remote offices find ways to go direct to the internet because of the convenience and performance benefits. 85% of remote users reported that they sometimes go direct to the internet. For these reasons, many organizations are adopting a more decentralized networking approach and implementing SD-WAN solutions to optimize performance at remote locations. This enables a more efficient direct-internet-access (DIA) path for these offices, but also highlights a set of new security challenges. Cisco Umbrella: Secure Internet Gateway (SIG) Essentials Package Security challenges As networks become more decentralized, the centralized security policies are no longer enforced, so the risk of a successful attack or compliance violations increases. Security teams already struggle to keep up with cyber-security threats. Many of them have a large number of point solutions that are difficult to integrate and manage. 77% of organizations reported having over 25 separate security tools.¹ These point products are generating thousands of alerts making it very difficult for analysts to keep up. Many alerts go untouched. 44% of daily alerts are not investigated (Cisco 2018 Security Benchmark Study) IT security pain points The combination of the network decentralization trend and the security challenges is driving security leaders toward consolidated, cloud-delivered solutions that provide a broad set of protection for users and simplify their environment, while reducing both bandwidth costs and resource requirements. Gaps in visibility and coverage Volume and complexity of security tools Limited budgets and security resources " 85% of remote users reported that they sometimes go direct to the internet" ESG Research, Market Dynamics Impacting Remote and Roaming User Security Requirements, Jan 2019

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