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Overview Cisco Public Protect guest Wi-Fi in minutes Cisco Umbrella is the easiest and fastest cloud security solution for provisioning secure and compliant guest Wi-Fi. Our solution's simplicity and performance is the reason Fortune 50 retailers, top universities, and some of the largest hospitals in the US trust Umbrella to protect their Wi-Fi. You want to ensure a great experience for guests, which includes fast Wi-Fi access. But there are also security and legal liability concerns. You don't want guests viewing inappropriate content from your network. Or worse, negative press on your brand if your guests' identities or information are stolen when connecting to a malicious site from your network. You also don't want guest activity to negatively impact your security posture, resulting in increased cybersecurity premiums due to poor security ratings (i.e. BitSight) and IP reputation. Why DNS-layer security? 1. Simplest security product to deploy: Just point your DNS to Umbrella's global network and get enterprise-wide coverage in minutes 2. Stop threats at the earliest point: Because DNS is the first step in connecting to the internet, you can stop threats before they ever reach your network or endpoints 3. Reduce malware: More than half of organizations recently surveyed saw a reduction in malware by 75% or more with Umbrella 1 4. Reduce the number of security alerts: 73% of respondents reduced alerts on their other security solutions by 50% or more with Umbrella 2 © 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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