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Secure Android users anywhere with Cisco Umbrella

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Solution brief Cisco Umbrella © 2020 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Securing an increasingly mobile workforce is challenging The way we work has changed. Mobility is no longer a trend — it's our new reality. Organizations are increasingly providing users with mobile devices, such as smart phones, to facilitate faster communication and greater productivity. With the convenience of mobile phones also comes an increased security risk for organizations. The combination of smaller screens, multi-tasking users, and limited visibility in mobile browsers (i.e. not being able to hover over links), creates ideal conditions for end users to click on malicious links. When over 70% of malware is unique to each organization, signature-based endpoint AV tools are not enough. 85% 1 of attacks seen on mobile devices occur outside of an email inbox in media like SMS messaging, where advanced detection tools and overwhelmed security teams lack visibility. The challenges to delivering and managing a secure experience to mobile users in this new reality can consume far more time, effort, and resources than IT and security teams can afford. So how do you protect your roaming users on devices running the world's most popular mobile operating system? It's quite simple: make sure they always carry Cisco Umbrella. Effective protection for Android devices Cisco Umbrella enables organizations with managed Android devices (v6.0.1 or higher) to extend DNS-layer protection to corporate users on the devices they use, anywhere they access the internet, even over cellular networks and Wi-Fi. Secure Android users anywhere with Cisco Umbrella Protect your Android devices against threats on the internet Up to 50% 2 of the workforce is expected to be roaming by 2021. 66% 3 said that the impact of the compromise was "major" 39% 3 of organizations admit to suffering security compromise involving mobile device 1. Verizon MSI Report: 2. ESG Report, Rise of DIA: 3. Verizon MSI Report: Key use cases: • Block users from visiting websites associated with phishing, cryptomining, ransomware, and other malware. • Enforce domain level content filtering by specific category, such as "gambling," "social networking," "games" and more. • Get device device-level visibility and reporting © 2020 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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