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Case Study Cisco Public Objective Protecting web-based services for customers amidst rapid growth and expansion As a leading pet insurance company established in 2004, ipet Insurance Co., Ltd. has the second largest share of insurance policies in the sector and has seen a steady growth in its business. In fact, ipet achieved a recent milestone of securing 500,000 insurance policies, and plans to expand the scope of its business operations to a holding company structure. The company primarily offers insurance services specifically tailored to compensate owners for pets' medical expenses, including but not limited to medical treatment- and surgery-related expenses. With a notable increase in the number of its offices and clients, ipet sought to strengthen its cloud security strategy and policies. This was particularly important since they needed to protect their web-based services which customers and agents relied on. "As the nature of cyberattacks continue to become more advanced and sophisticated day by day, cloud services have also become increasingly complex, and the amount of threats that cannot be sorted and classified using web filters has grown to more than 60%," shared Hiroyoshi Hirumoto, Senior Technical Leader from the Information Systems Department at ipet. "Simply put, it has become increasingly challenging to use the internet in a safe and secure manner. We also lacked visibility into all of our traffic and the ability to implement web-based controls." ■ ブランドロゴ 〈 コーポレートロゴ 〉 Mr. Hiroyoshi Hirumoto Senior Leader Information Systems Department, Security Team, ipet Insurance Co., Ltd. © 2020 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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