The Cisco Umbrella global cloud architecture

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Overview Cisco Public Peering relationships shorten the path Building data centers near Internet Exchange Points (IXPs) means that networks can create more peering relationships. The most valuable peering relationships are established with well-connected, first-tier internet service providers (ISPs) that make up the internet's core. Each peer effectively offers a shortcut for traffic to take through the thousands of ISPs that make up the overall fabric of the internet's topology. Umbrella has 1000+ (and expanding) peering relationships to shorten the path a packet travels. Umbrella intentionally locates our data centers near the IXPs for faster, more reliable service. Data center locations are carrier neutral, selected purely on the location's ability to provide the best quality connections and services to the regions served. In addition, all data centers meet or exceed ISO27001/SOC2 and are GDPR compliant. Network performance matters When selecting a cloud security service it's important to consider network performance. Users' devices create multiple simultaneous connections each time they access a website. Establishing a fast connection, without delay, is critical. Umbrella cuts latency Cisco Umbrella Performance Validation by Miercom Labs Many vendors show prospects a network map with the quantity and distribution of their data centers. Customers may falsely assume that connection latency decreases when a vendor's data center is physically located closer to the ISP data center that serves the customer's network and devices. The shortest path between the ISP and the vendor may require an excessive number of intermediate stops due to inadequate peering or transit relationships. This can result in a slower path between points A and B, regardless of geographic distance. Our extensive and expanding peering relationships augment our global data centers, enabling Cisco Umbrella to cut latency by up to 73% when compared to a traditional ISP. Some of our peering partners © 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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