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Cloud Malware Detection Feature Brief

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Overview Cisco Public Detect cloud malware presence Umbrella alerts system administrators to any potentially malicious files in supported cloud applications. Retroactive scanning scans pre-existing and legacy files within the cloud application, while continuous scanning scans pre-existing files that are augmented (edit/share) and new files that are uploaded. Remediate cloud malware infections Once a cloud malware alert has been generated in Umbrella, the administrator can either quarantine and delete the file or dismiss it as a non-threat. This prevents any lateral movement or detonation of the malware within the network. Report cloud malware incidents Umbrella cloud malware reports can be generated to help administrators understand cloud application usage, identify potentially compromised accounts, and get a clear understanding of the volume of threats that exist within the network. Key capabilities Results • Umbrella cloud malware detection found malicious files in 100% of tested customer cloud environments • Umbrella cloud malware remediation tools helped customers remove malware from their environment • Customers found the Umbrella cloud malware detection onboarding flow and reporting to be intuitive and helpful Currently supported applications • Box • Dropbox • Webex • Office365/OneDrive © 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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