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Case Study Cisco Public Challenge Malware infections create a turbulent customer experience Headquartered in Hyannis, Massachusetts, Cape Air provides service to some of the world's most beautiful destinations. An employee-owned airline, Cape Air offers as many as 400 flights a day during peak times and serves nearly 500,000 passengers a year. Security is important from the moment passengers arrive at the airport. "We are trained to provide the highest levels of physical security and know how to spot a threat," says Brett Stone, Cape Air's network operations manager. "In terms of electronic security, we want to make sure all communication from point A to point B is encrypted, and that starts from the moment you check in — we want to make sure your information is secure. If connectivity goes out to the internet, it must be on secure communication paths." Despite being a smaller, regional airline, tech-savvy Cape Air provides the same types of customer experiences and technology tools as big airlines, from guest Wi-Fi to remote check-in. But frequent malware infections created service disruptions. "Let's say you arrive at the airport and your experience starts negatively because there's a huge line at the ticket counter. The reason for that line is because the computers were down due to a malware infection. At one time, we commonly faced that issue," Stone explains. "If a delay at the ticket counter cascades further and delays a flight, you could miss your connection — all because the IT guy had to fix a malware infection. If I were that customer and I had to wait in a long line, I might not want to fly on that airline again." Objective When frequent malware infections disrupt core services and the customer experience, the brand reputation suffers. For Cape Air, service delays due to malware infections became a common challenge. The regional airline needed to stop threats before they caused service outages. Solution Cisco Umbrella Cisco Meraki MX64 Impact • Reduced malware infections by more than 90% • Dramatically cut downtime and support tickets spent on remediation • Simplified group-based policy enforcement by using Active Directory integration • Improved customer experience by eliminating disruption and delays caused by malware infections © 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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