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Solution Brief WHAT IS A RECURSIVE DNS SERVICE? Think of recursive DNS as the Internet's switchboard operator and authoritative DNS as a pile of phone books. Technically, there are thousands of authoritative servers that host millions of domain- to-IP DNS records. For every domain, recursive resolvers must connect to multiple authoritative servers in order to lookup the associated IP address. By default, each ISP provides recursive DNS because without it the Internet would not work. However, there are a few better alternatives. PREMIUM DNS IS OUR FREE, GLOBAL RECURSIVE DNS SERVICE Both OpenDNS and Google offer consistent DNS resolution for unlimited network locations worldwide. We both have best‐in‐class security against any attempt to attack, hijack, or spoof our open recursive resolvers. And we both safe-guard your data privacy. Yet Google neither shows what's happening on your networks nor offers an option to protect your networks and devices against known or emergent threats. Below are a few other comparisons to help you decide if OpenDNS may be a better choice over Google. What is OpenDNS Premium DNS and How Does It Compare to Google Public DNS? Using Your Local ISP or DNS Servers for Recursive DNS? Learn 10+ reasons why you should use OpenDNS. Go to For a free trial or more sales information, contact our team: © 1992–2015 Cisco Systems, Inc. All rights reserved. OpenDNS Premium DNS (also Google Public DNS (also SECURITY VISIBILITY in real-time, all Internet activity over any port or protocol is logged and categorized by 8 types of security threat as well as 60 types of web content search, filter, and export this activity globally and per-network for the past 14 days no visibility THREAT PROTECTION optionally, and at any time, start a full 14-day trial of Umbrella Insights without any credit card or phone call no threat protection or policy enforcement available SERVICE RELIABILITY 100% uptime, publicly displayed since 2006 free email support and optional paid 12x5 or 24x7 phone support many confirmed outages 1 and no public status page email support w/o SLAs RESOLUTION SPEED #1 in North America and just a few milliseconds different than Google in Europe and Asia data center location map and list #1 in Asia, Africa, and Latin America data center location list MORE DETAILS for uber nerds supports Anycast routing, IPv6 ( ), edns-client-subnet ( ), and RFC-compliant NXDOMAIN response ( ) SmartCache mitigates authoritative DNS server errors supports Anycast routing, IPv6, edns-client-subnet, and RFC- compliant NXDOMAIN response 1. Sources: Google Forum (1, 2, 3, 4), Lifehacker, The Register

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