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Data sheet Cisco Umbrella © 2018 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Stop threats before they reach your network or endpoints First line of defense against threats Cisco Umbrella is a cloud security platform built into the foundation of the internet. Enforcing security at the DNS and IP layers, Umbrella blocks requests to malicious and unwanted destinations before a connection is even established — stopping threats over any port or protocol before they reach your network or endpoints. Visibility and protection everywhere As a cloud-delivered service, Umbrella provides the visibility needed to protect internet access across all network devices, office locations, and roaming users. All internet activity is logged and categorized by the type of security threat or web content, and the action taken — whether it was blocked or allowed. Logs of all activity can be retained as long as needed and recalled easily for investigation. You can even uncover cloud apps and Internet of Things (IoT) devices in use across your company. Date -Time Domain Security Categor y Identity S e c u r i t y Ac t i v i t y Date-Time Domain Security Category Identity 11/4–10:01 am 11/4-9:30 am 11/4-8:05 am 11/3-12:04 am 11/3-8:40 pm 11/3-7:34 pm Custom Feeds Ransomware Malware Exploits Botnet High-Risk CEO's Mac Air John Smith Brian Kerry's iPhone CFO's Windows Laptop Chicago Branch Office Paris Office Kiosk Security Activity Challenges we help to address Gaps in protection Many remote and roaming workers by bypass their VPN, and many branch offices don't backhaul all traffic — which means they don't have enough protection. In under 30 minutes, Umbrella can provide worldwide coverage for all on- network and off-network devices. 82% of users bypass the VPN 1 and 70% of branch offices have direct internet access 2 New and targeted attacks Signature-based tools, reactive threat intelligence, and isolated security enforcement cannot stay ahead of attacks. Umbrella will identify and contain two times more compromised systems than before. 70-90% of malware is unique to each organization3 Understaffed team We get it — your team is understaffed and you need security that is easy to setup, configure, and use. Not only is Umbrella easy to manage, but it also stops threats earlier and reduces the number of infections and alerts you see from other security products. 86% of IT managers believe shortage in skilled security professionals4 Cisco Umbrella: Platform Package Defend against threats on the internet wherever users go How Umbrella helps • Reduce malware infections up to 98% • Cut the number of alerts from your IPS, AV, and SIEM by as much as 50% • Decrease remediation time by 20% • Protection on and off the corporate network

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