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Use Case: Speed Up Incident Repsonse

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Internet-wide visibility Investigate connects the dots between attackers' infrastructure, which helps attribute domains to specific attacks and malicious activity. Predictive intelligence Our statistical models accurately identify malicious domains, IPs, and ASNs across the Internet, and even predict where future attacks may be staged. All of the information you need, correlated in a single source including real-time and historical information about the domain ownership, relationships with IPs and autonomous systems, co-occurrences, reputation, global request and route analysis, and much more. INCIDENT RESPONSE TIMES LAG WHEN SECURITY TEAMS DO NOT HAVE THE RIGHT CONTEXT OR ACCESS TO PERTINENT INFORMATION EARLY ON IN THE INVESTIGATION. OpenDNS Investigate provides the most complete view of the relationships and evolution of Internet domain names, IP addresses, and autonomous systems—helping to pinpoint attackers' infrastructures and uncover future threats. INVESTIGATE USE CASE: SPEED UP INCIDENT RESPONSE © 1992-2015 Cisco Systems, Inc. All Rights Reserved.

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