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© 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. The challenge Reclaiming resources lost to malware remediation Symmetric Engineering Group CEO George Lakiotis is in the proactivity business. "Proactive Care", his company's commitment to eliminating IT issues before they occur, is a key tenet of the enterprise-level IT support it provides to small and midsize businesses (SMB). To meet that commitment, Symmetric continually identifies and invests in solutions that help clients protect data and maximize uptime. When Lakiotis found staff bandwidth increasingly monopolized by support requests prompted by malware incidents, he sought to expand its security stack and reduce ticket traffic in order to maximize value for clients while advancing growth. The solution Layering security for SMBs As a managed service provider (MSP), Symmetric needed a powerful, cost- effective means to help clients reduce malicious traffic and the subsequently burgeoning volume of malware-driven service requests that were taking away bandwidth. At the same time, that solution needed to make sense for the SMBs Symmetric serves, a number of which operate multiple individually-managed machines in high-turnover environments with limited IT budgets. For these clients, a security breach can mean a direct loss of revenue. Lakiotis and his team wanted a proactive solution that could seamlessly integrate into Symmetric's existing security stack, which already included next- gen firewalls and Webroot AntiVirus, while uncovering and blocking threats that AV and signature based firewall solutions often miss. "Proactively protecting our clients from malware and phishing attacks is part of our 'Proactive Care' approach to managed services plans, and effective protection requires the combined power of multiple products," he says. "It's like bulletproof glass; its strength comes from combining many layers of different materials." Symmetric chose Cisco Umbrella for MSPs, which provides the first line of defense against threats on the internet wherever users go. Umbrella is the first line of defense that is an integral part of an overall security solution for a MSP. "Seeing Umbrella in action for the first time was an 'ah ha moment' for me," says Lakiotis. "Umbrella for MSPs stops malware infected traffic from reaching any of our protected networks. It's so different that my first reaction was to ask 'why isn't everyone doing this?" Joseph Thomas, senior network engineer at Symmetric concurs, "As soon as we tried it and experienced immediate results on our own internal network, we realized it was a much needed addition to our security stack. A lot of promises get made about products in our industry, but Umbrella delivers."

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