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Centralized Settings for MSPs

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Manage customer settings at once, regardless of hardware platform Managed Service Providers (MSPs) succeed by standardizing and automating IT processes across their customer base. The time spent managing settings for individual customers cuts into profits and makes it difficult to scale your business. Repeating the same task for many customers is inefficient and unsustainable, but what are the alternatives? Templates and configuration files seem like a great answer but they are difficult to learn and create issues with consistency and version control. There is a better way. The centralized settings feature in Cisco Umbrella for MSPs provides a simple and powerful way for MSPs to create and manage settings that are shared among multiple customers. You have the flexibility to customize the solution to your own standards by changing the settings to all customers at once, or by creating policies specific to smaller groups, such as industry vertical. This feature makes it simple to manage customer settings in bulk, so you implement changes once instead of repeating the same task for each customer. Benefits Streamline your process Manage settings for multiple customers at one time. You no longer need to organize a project in order to audit and modify customer settings to update a policy, domain list, or a block page. Now you can make these changes uniformly, thus simplifying your process and making it repeatable. It's easy to use The centralized settings feature enables you to dynamically manage settings — it's not just a configuration file. Unlike UTM configuration files, there are no consistency management issues with centralized settings and the changes are applied instantly, whether you have a handful of customers or hundreds. Save time with standardization and automation Efficiently managing security across your customer base means you're earning more money. You spend less time remediating issues that were caused by gaps in inconsistent security policies and more time scaling your business. Manage your customers with flexibility You can still do custom work for an individual customer. But you can also create standards for verticals or service class. For example, set up doctors' offices in one way and schools in another way, but manage those vertical-specific settings rather than creating one-offs. " In the first month of service, we were able to fully deploy 2,500 endpoints at over 60 customers with consistent settings customized to our standards. Centralize settings allows us to deliver standardized, repeatable solutions faster, and still allows for a tailored customer experience if needed. Paul Rehovsky, IT Services Manager of Loffler Companies © 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Centralized settings in Cisco Umbrella for MSPs. F E AT U R E B R I E F

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