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Together, Cisco Umbrella and ZeroFOX give you the power to block social malware and phishing by enforcing real-time attack intelligence everywhere your employees work. ZeroFOX identifies emerging attacks on social media before they hit organizations directly Social media has become the new cyber battleground — hackers have shifted their focus away from devices, putting a laser focus on attacking the user directly. With 74% of worldwide internet users active on social media and a false sense of security, users fall victim to targeted malware and phishing attacks at unprecedented levels. Further compounding the problem, hackers need little expertise to exploit social. All interactions exist outside the enterprise, rendering traditional security tools ineffective. The ZeroFOX's Attack Detection System is the front-line for any socially connected organization. Powered by the patented Security Analysis Engine (SAE), ZeroFOX analyzes social network data using proprietary machine learning algorithms, expert models, natural language processing and other predictive technologies. The Link Analyzer, a major component of the SAE, assesses URLs for maliciousness, outputting a global social media threat intelligence feed. But proactive threat intelligence demands real-time security enforcement ZeroFOX's Attack Detection System is capable of identifying the threat before it impacts your network, but a security enforcement technology is needed to make that data actionable. A cloud-based, always-on enforcement technology is ideal to ensure protection wherever a user may be accessing the internet. ZeroFOX's social media threat intelligence, when combined with the Cisco Umbrella security service, provides protection for employees globally. Use the Umbrella cloud security platform to automatically enforce ZeroFOX's intelligence Using the Umbrella API, ZeroFOX can now integrate mutual customers' personalized attack intelligence with their Umbrella account. Any malicious domains targeting protected individuals, brands, or social objects are passed to Umbrella, ensuring the most current protection possible. In addition, this data can be used retrospectively to identify the origin of an attack, enabling customers to stay one step ahead of the adversary. " Social media has quickly become the medium of choice for targeted cyber attacks, focusing the compromise on the employee rather than the device. Combining ZeroFOX's industry- leading social media threat intelligence with the Cisco Umbrella cloud security technology gives our customers real-time defensive capabilities and a means to stop social media borne security breaches." Evan Blair COO of ZeroFOX Social Media Threat Intelligence Social media is a massive body of publicly facing data, ripe with malicious actors. ZeroFOX analyzes this global data set to find threats before they come into direct contact with an organization's networks and devices. © 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Global protection against social media attacks. F E AT U R E B R I E F

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