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© 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. The challenge Protection that exceeds antivirus' limits Jeremy Koellish, co-founder and COO of managed service provider (MSP) TekTegrity, has invested the last decade in helping partners grow their businesses by maximizing efficiency and efficacy. Through continuous improvement of services and processes, plus an insistence on delivering no less than best-in-class products and service, he's helped TekTegrity deliver on its promise of productivity to clients across the healthcare, professional, and other service sectors. "The medical practices, law firms, and other small-to medium-sized businesses (SMBs) we work with rely on us to secure their networks against malware infections like ransomware or targeted attacks that could take their businesses offline — or worse yet, lead to a data breach or financial fraud," says Koellish. "When CryptoLocker first surfaced, we realized that antivirus software alone was incapable of effectively protecting our clients. With threats like ransomware growing more pervasive by the day, we were motivated to identify a security solution capable of blocking threats before they ever accessed our clients' networks." The solution Security built for the MSP environment "We needed a security solution for our clients that would head off malware, command and control, and phishing attempts at the pass, much the same way spam is dispensed with before it reaches the environment," recalls Koellish. "We started by looking at Cisco Umbrella for MSPs, which keeps threats from entering the network by stopping them at the perimeter. As it turns out, we didn't need to look further." "Not only did Umbrella for MSPs meet our criterion of detecting and blocking malicious domains and IP addresses before they can reach antivirus software," he notes, "but we also recognized that its MSP-specific design could boost our clients' and our own productivity." One feature in particular was especially compelling: the multi-tenant dashboard. "Single-view visibility into network usage across our entire client base offered an at-a-glance status check from which we could quickly drill down to address any issues at the individual client level," Koellish says. "We knew Umbrella for MSPs was the right solution for TekTegrity, and our fast and easy deployment reinforced that decision." " Umbrella for MSPs analyzes data in real-time across a whole bunch of users and threats, so that I know when a threat is detected, all of my clients will be instantaneously protected against that threat. To me, that's huge." Jeremy Koellish Chief Operations Officer TekTegrity

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