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The Multi-Org Console for Cisco Umbrella

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Is your central security team forced to manage multiple, decentralized or partitioned organizations ("org" for short)? No matter if it's due to geography, business units, regulatory compliance (a.k.a. "Chinese Walls"), or other administrative segregation, Cisco Umbrella can help. Your security team operates similar to managed service providers (MSPs) and we already simplify security for over 3,000 MSPs today! You need to centrally manage security configuration and reporting per org in a "single pane of glass". And we know that in addition to having single-sign- on access for every org, you want to empower autonomy for local admins without adding complexity or losing accountability. The Multi-Org Console for Umbrella is the simplest way for your team to gain shared control and unified visibility for tens to hundreds of separate orgs. Central security team North America South America Europe & Africa Asia & Pacific Multinational Enterprises Telecom Company Music Company Publishing Subsidiary Technology Subsidiary Conglomerats Corporations Chicago Stores Airport Stores Franchise Owner 1 Franchise Owner 2 Hospitality & Retail chains Medical School MBA School Regional College 1 Regional College 2 University Districts East High School West High School Middle School Elementary School K-12 Districts Why use centralized security management? • Shared control: ensures consistent yet customizable policies • Unified visibility: exposes security or status events immediately • Simplicity: eliminates repetitive tasks The Multi-Org Console for Cisco Umbrella The simplest centralized security management ever S O LU T I O N B R I E F © 2017 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Say goodbye to boxes and all their problems For years, your security team had to deal with: Complexity • Replicating version-controlled configurations (a.k.a. "templates") • Changing network access to permit data flows between boxes Expense • Deploying separate, special management box(es) • Duplicating data between boxes Hassle • Waiting for data flows to enforce new settings or expose new events • Shipping boxes between sites just to re-allocate end-user licenses But on top of all that, the local (per-box) admins get limited or no control of local customization. And your team has limited or no visibility of any local customizations. The Cisco Umbrella Multi-Org Console Multi-box Box North America HQ European Oce Asia Pacic Oce DATA FLOW Conf iguration Reporting

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