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See and learn how we protect your enterprise With this free report, available at the end of your trial, you not only see which threats were blocked and devices are infected, but you learn how Umbrella discovered the attack. Visualizations correlate your local activity with Umbrella's global visibility of attacker infrastructures to show you when and where we protected you. Short videos with Umbrella security researchers reveal the techniques that discover, and often predict, these attacks. For example, a single ransomware domain seen in your local activity is correlated with related domains, IPs, and malware derived from 100B+ daily internet requests and 1.5M+ daily malware samples. Unlike a static executive summary, one of our system engineers will walk your team through an interactive data portal to expand your knowledge about the different threat families and specific attacks operating inside your enterprise environment. Post-trial Umbrella Security Report: Uncover malicious activity over all ports © 2017 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. Proof of value across your entire enterprise Most security products pose too much risk or complexity to deploy across your full production network during a trial. If your evaluation has a very limited deployment, the security report fails to really answer: "How effective is this solution?" "How does it compare (or add) to my current security stack?" "Does it deliver great time-to-value?" With Cisco Umbrella, you can gain enforcement and visibility in minutes across all ports and protocols, on and off network. All you need to do is point DNS traffic to the Umbrella global network. By leveraging DNS—the foundation of the internet—you can safely evaluate how well Umbrella protects your enterprise against malicious activity. " It took less than ten minutes for us to point our DNS traffic to the Global Network. We could protect our remote offices around the world in less than an hour and a half." Mark Arnold, Director of Information Security, PTC (read more at Unique malicious domains 5737 Malicious requests out of 547,174,528 229,315 Threat families 5 We protected you from We visualize attacker infrastructure Ransomware Information Stealer Exploit kit Trojan Phising S O LU T I O N B R I E F Minimum requirements Forward DNS traffic to the Umbrella global network for 14 or more days. Just change one IP address per network. No other changes to your network or endpoints are required. And your internal domains and DNS servers will not be impacted. Umbrella's recursive DNS service is one of the most reliable and fastest in the world. Your network team and employees will thank you! View a live sample report: Attacker infrastructures Modern attacks rely on hosting infrastructure in multiple countries and autonomous systems (AS) across the internet. These complex and constantly evolving systems are built from tens to thousands of domains and IPs—even entire ASNs—to stay ahead of traditional reputation systems. Cisco Umbrella security researchers apply statistical and machine learning models to diverse, global data sets for automated discovery of where these infrastructures are being staged—before attacks launch.

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