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© 2017 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. The easiest and fastest way to protect users 100% of the time Cloud-delivered security service for Cisco's next-generation firewall Umbrella Roaming protects employees when they are off the VPN by blocking malicious domain requests and IP responses as DNS queries are resolved. By enforcing security at the DNS-layer, connections are never established and files are never downloaded. Malware will not infect laptops and command & control (C2) callbacks or phishing will not exfiltrate data over any port. Plus, you gain real-time visibility of infected laptops with C2 activity. Protect your mobile workforce with no extra agents or user actions All internet activity that bypasses your perimeter security is now enforced through our security service, so your off-network blind spot is eliminated. Umbrella Roaming is fully integrated into AnyConnect for Windows or Mac OS X. And unlike using the VPN, there's absolutely nothing new for end-users to do or any performance sacrifice. 2 Cisco Umbrella: Roaming Package DATA S H E E T The problem NGFWs are blind to 25% of traffic 1 Not all traffic—over all ports, all the time—is backhauled to perimeter security using the Cisco AnyConnect VPN due to: • Apps & data in the cloud • Personal web browsing • Split tunnels configured And endpoint security (i.e. AV) is not enough to protect your mobile workforce. The solution Cisco NGFW + Cisco Umbrella Roaming • Security when the VPN is off • No action required from end users • Protect against threats over any port • For Windows and Mac OS X roaming laptops The way your employees work has changed 82% of your workers admit to not always using the VPN 2 Employees are using more cloud apps for work and leveraging their work laptops for personal use—the reality is that not every connection goes through the VPN. Your network extends beyond the perimeter, and your security must too. 49% of your workforce is mobile and under defended 3 Zero-day malware spikes at night and on weekends when we're roaming and attackers know we're vulnerable. In fact, 22% of malicious email links are clicked when roaming. 4 While security may never stop 100% of the threats, it must work 100% of the time. No one combines effectiveness & performance better #1 fastest & most reliable DNS with 85M+ daily active users 100B+ daily internet requests or connections 3M+ daily new domain names discovered 60K+ daily malicious destinations identified 7M+ malicious destinations enforced concurrently while resolving DNS requests Threats blocked over any port Cisco NGFW Roaming laptop with AnyConnect Internet VPN ON VPN OFF Umbrella acticve Cisco Umbrella Malware Phishing C2 Callbacks 1. 2. 3. 4. 5.,

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