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Overview Cisco Public Cisco Umbrella: Wireless LAN Package Protect corporate and guest Wi-Fi. The Cisco Umbrella Wireless LAN (WLAN) package provides the first line of defense against threats for Wi-Fi connections. It offers the simplest, fastest way to protect every user and any device — corporate, employee-owned, or customer-owned — on your Wi-Fi network. Umbrella WLAN protects employees and guests who are accessing the internet from wireless access points. By enforcing security at the DNS layer, connections to unsafe sites are never established and malicious files are never downloaded. This prevents malware from infecting devices and stops attacks from exfiltrating data over any port and protocol. Umbrella WLAN also brings a simple-to-use content filtering solution to your Wi-Fi network. It stops guests and corporate users from accessing inappropriate content based on company policy. This keeps users happy with safe internet access while also protecting your business. Umbrella WLAN protects any device accessing your wireless network with no action required from end users. It's an easy-to-manage but very effective layer of protection against threats. Why Umbrella WLAN? 1. Protect an unlimited number of users with pricing per access point. 2. Simplify deployment and policy management with integrations with Meraki MR and Cisco Wireless LAN Controllers (WLC). © 2021 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved.

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