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Here are 10 reasons to point DNS to Umbrella: © 2016 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. 10 reasons why 15,000+ businesses point DNS to Cisco Umbrella. More secure, ultra-reliable, and speedy recursive DNS service compared to ISPs or local DNS servers With Cisco Umbrella, we are committed to delivering the best possible internet experience to every single one of our 85+ million users. And we are obsessed with inventing new technologies to secure and speed up the internet. The Umbrella global network handles 100+ billion DNS requests daily. F E AT U R E B R I E F More secure Highly scalable, automated defenses Shielding our infrastructure from DDoS, cache poisoning and forged responses mitigates impact from attacks. We have your back by implementing and innovating best-in-class DNS practices — from blocking or rate limiting requests with unusual record types, excessive duplicate queries, excessive DNS records, or those sent from malicious client IPs to adding entropy to our nameserver requests. Hardened DNS resolver code Specializing code drastically reduces the likelihood of exploits compared to BIND or Microsoft DNS. Umbrella servers run a private fork of djbdns source code, and related systems are always patched. Compared to BIND or Microsoft DNS, Umbrella was insusceptible to vulnerabilities like widespread DNS cache poisoning reported in July 2008. The first service to encrypt DNS traffic Securing the "Last Mile" of DNS traffic between you and the ISP blocks eavesdropping and other attacks. Just as SSL turns HTTP web traffic into HTTPS, Umbrella uses DNSCrypt to turn regular DNS into encrypted DNS traffic. Optional endpoint software secures DNS from man-in-the-middle attacks without any changes to domain names or how they work. You Every app Global cache of DNS response Zones les store DNS records Recursive DNS Authoritative DNS root .com domain.com

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