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Data sheet Cisco Umbrella Benefits • Mitigate remediation costs and breach damage: Security teams will have fewer malware infections to remediate, and threats will be stopped before they cause damage. • Reduce the time to detect and contain threats: Command & control callbacks blocked over any port or protocol with real-time reports on that activity. • Increase visibility into internet activity across all locations and users: Deep visibility for incident response, giving you confidence that you're seeing everything. • Support operational efficiency and scalability: Centralized settings, multi-tenancy, and centralized reporting to manage customers and policies in a single place. © 2019 Cisco and/or its affiliates. All rights reserved. MSSPs lead the charge The same trends that empower business innovation—cloud applications, mobile workforce, explosive digital traffic—expand cybersecurity risk. Managed Security Service Providers (MSSPs) are at the forefront of tackling that risk. MSSPs seek value-added capabilities that sharpen their services differentiation in a highly competitive environment. They need to serve diverse customer needs with solutions that scale to accommodate market changes. To keep operational costs low, solutions must fit seamlessly into the MSSP's existing services. And without exception, MSSPs demand solutions that provide strong security efficacy. High efficacy with simplicity Cisco Umbrella for MSSPs is a cloud security service designed to deliver robust end customer protection and grow the MSSP's security practice. Umbrella provides end customers with on- network and off-network protection from cyberattacks, such as malware, phishing, and command and control callbacks. By delivering security at the DNS-layer, it stops threats before they ever reach a customer's network or endpoints. Umbrella is simple to deploy and easy to manage, relieving the MSSP from complex product management. Cisco Umbrella for Managed Security Service Providers Best protection Best coverage MSSP ready • Protect all devices on your customers' networks (managed & unmanaged, BYOD, IoT, etc.) • Protect laptops and supervised IOS devices when customers are on and off VPN • Simplest security to deploy everywhere • Stop threats across all ports and protocols • Stop threats before they reach your customer's network or endpoints • Predictive intelligence • Easily integrate with existing managed security services • Multi-tenant architecture • Centralized settings • Centralized reporting • API for threat enforcement • No added latency Key Differentiators

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