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  • Visualizing Time-Dependent Graphs

    Visualizing Time-Dependent Graphs

    Intro Data-Ink Maximization – is the concept of making every keystroke count (including the delete character), popularized by Edward Tufte. One famous example of this is how he redesigned the...

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  • Phishing and Eternal Revenue Cervezas

    Phishing and Eternal Revenue Cervezas

    Hey, it’s tax season again! In this blog post, we review phishing campaigns targeting people who file taxes and are a bit click-happy.

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  • Chasing the Storm

    Chasing the Storm

    In this blog, we discuss the new tactics used in Hailstorm campaigns that help attackers send large amounts of spam.

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  • Rise in Bitcoin leads to more Phishing attacks

    Rise in Bitcoin leads to more Phishing attacks

    Newly Discovered Bitcoin Phishing Campaigns Analyzing the results of the OpenDNS Natural Language Processing(NLP) rank classifier, we have recently discovered new Bitcoin wallet companies that...

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  • Exploring a Malicious Neighborhood

    The Rig Exploit Kit searches for security holes in its victims’ browsers, such as unpatched Flash and Java plugins. It then exploits those holes to compromise their system and deliver a malicious...

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  • New dog, new tricks

    New dog, new tricks

    We’ve all heard the saying: You can’t teach an old dog new tricks. But have you ever tried? I know, I know, you didn’t come here for canine training tips. Stay with me, there’s a point to all...

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  • Visualizing 2016’s Top Threats

    2016 brought us more traffic then ever and with that, we identified and protected our customers from a barrage of new attacks, threats, and actors. Understanding these evolutions are paramount to...

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  • BSidesSD 2017 Recap

    BSidesSD 2017 Recap

    BSidesSD 2017 San Diego has finally joined the Security BSides (@SecurityBSides) circuit. This year, the first annual BSidesSD took place Jan 13th-14th held at National University on the northern...

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  • Finding the RAT’s Nest

    Finding the RAT’s Nest

    We’ve spotted a Remote Access Trojan(RAT) and are headed down into the unknown. In this blog post we’re going to examine some malicious infrastructure that we’ve found by pivoting through domains...

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  • Announcing two new security categories for Cisco Umbrella

    Today, we’re excited to announce the availability of two new security categories for Umbrella: DNS tunneling VPN and Potentially harmful. DNS tunneling VPN DNS tunneling is the ability to encode...

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  • Catching Exploit Kit Landers

    Catching Exploit Kit Landers

    Exploit Kits play an integral role in many of the attacks we see on a daily basis. In this blog post we show how we use our data in a novel way to uncover new components of the attack...

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  • The Future is Here – Assaulting the Internet with Mirai

    The Future is Here – Assaulting the Internet with Mirai

    As we begin our journey into 2017, many of us will take the opportunity to look back on how 2016 went. This time of year is conducive to self-reflection and introspection, learning from the past...

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  • New attacks on wallets and AdWords correlate with Bitcoin price surge

    New attacks on wallets and AdWords correlate with Bitcoin price surge

    Over the past year as cryptocurrency has steadily increased well past $800,  OpenDNS Labs has been diligently tracking Bitcoin wallet phishing campaigns. With this most recent uptick in price...

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  • In the Eye of Hailstorm

    In the Eye of Hailstorm

    This blog post was authored by Jakob Dohrmann, David Rodriguez, and Jaeson Schultz. INTRO The Cisco Talos and Umbrella research teams are deploying a distributed hailstorm detection system which...

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  • Cisco Umbrella 1 Million

    Here at Cisco Umbrella, we have a culture and passion for giving back to the technical community. This has included projects such as: our free consumer OpenDNS service, our free Enterprise Premium...

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