A better way to pitch security to SMBs: Introducing the MSP Partner Enablement Pack

May 14, 2015

Security is critical to businesses of all sizes but SMB customers are often unaware of how their businesses are exposed to risk. So how do you educate customers about this often tricky topic?

We are excited to provide our partners with the MSP Partner Enablement Pack, a collection of co-branded content that you can use to more effectively communicate the value of security to your customers — and elevate the value of your managed service offering.

In this webcast, Adrienne Merrick-Tagore, Product Marketing Manager for MSPs, will walk through the resources available in the Partner Enablement Pack. She will demonstrate how to best leverage this content, to take your marketing further and make your MSP stand out from the crowd and answer questions on best practices.

The Partner Enablement Pack includes:

  • Co-branded PowerPoint deck for explaining security to SMBs
  • Co-branded datasheet
  • Case studies that they can share with customers in specific verticals
  • Messaging framework for MSPs to build their own marketing materials
  • Co-branded Solution Briefs
    • “Why antivirus and firewalls are not enough”
    • “Securing Guest Wi-Fi”
    • “Web Filtering”
    • “Cloud Services Report”
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Get out of firefighting mode and into control of your security.
Get out of firefighting mode and into control of your security.

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