Extend Threat Protection

August 2, 2016

Detecting Threats on the Corporate Network is Good. Blocking Threats on Any Device, Anywhere is Better.

Gathering intelligence on advanced attacks that hit your networks is vital, but it’s not enough. OpenDNS gives you the power to block newly-detected threats beyond the network perimeter, everywhere your employees work.

Security providers such as FireEye and Check Point provide appliances to analyze and detect advanced malware and examine network traffic patterns to identify bot-infected devices. While these appliances have great visibility within your corporate network environment, they cannot block newly-detected threats for employees working off the network.

Through integration partnerships, OpenDNS extends and enforces the local intelligence from your existing security stack to protect your employees on any device, both on-premises and off-network. Most security control integrations involve custom development and many hours of professional services. Not with OpenDNS. In minutes, the local intelligence gathered from real-time payload and traffic analysis solutions deployed within your corporate network environment will be extended beyond your perimeter.

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