Before the kill chain: what attackers are doing and how you can spot them

August 10, 2015

Attackers can't hide on the internet — in fact, they leave behind fingerprints in areas you may not realize. Prior to launching an attack, the bad guys need to set up servers, obtain IP addresses, and register domains to use in the campaign. This often happens before they perform reconnaissance on their targets or create the malware payload. All of this activity leaves clues about the attackers.

What if you could uncover the infrastructure attackers are staging and identify threats before the kill chain begins?

Watch our webcast with guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc. Principal Analyst, Rick Holland and Dan Hubbard, Cisco Cloud Security Expert, to hear more about:

  • What attackers do before the kill chain
  • How you can spot their activity
  • How you can leverage this information to stay ahead of attacks
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