From event gatherer to threat hunter: orchestrating proactive incident response

September 16, 2014

Incident response often relies on waiting to gather enough relevant security events before responding effectively. It’s time to stop waiting and start hunting!

But how do you start when your staff is limited and you are overloaded with events? Learn how you can quickly find which critical events you should prioritize.

Guest speaker, Forrester Research, Inc. Principal Analyst, Rick Holland, and Cisco Cloud Security Expert, Dan Hubbard, discuss what is new in incident response. From enhancing your skills, to adopting new tools and tactics, you’ll learn how to proactively hunt.

We’ll discuss:

  • Where to focus your attention to notably improve your detect and response time
  • How to arm yourself with predictive scoring for security-relevant events
  • What tools can contain botnet command and control and detect infected devices
  • Which tactics can find emergent threats that may target your networks and devices
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ThreatQuotient Integration

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