Uncovering attacks before they launch

December 3, 2015

Attackers try to be crafty when planning attacks. They carefully research their intended targets, register domain names that seem legitimate, buy malware payloads, and create the perfect spear phishing emails. Before, it was easy to blame end users for careless mistakes, but it's become much harder to spot fake emails, websites, and domains. What if you could uncover an attacker's infrastructure before an attack and proactively protect your employees and customers?

Attackers can't hide on the internet – in fact, they leave behind fingerprints in areas you may not realize. Cisco Umbrella Investigate helps you find these fingerprints. Not only can you uncover related attacker infrastructure that shares the same network space, but you can even find newly registered domains that contain your brand name and are likely to be used in targeted phishing campaigns.

Watch this webcast with the Cisco Umbrella product team to hear more about:

  • What attackers prepare and set up before an attack
  • How you can spot their internet activity
  • How you can operationalize domain & IP threat intelligence in your security processes
  • How you can proactively protect your customers and employees
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