Best Practices: Becoming the Ransomware MSP Expert

May 13, 2016

Ransomware, a familiar–and unwelcome–issue in IT security circles, has risen sharply in recent months to become one of the top enterprise cyber-security threats of 2016. Ransomware threats in 2015 were up 165% over the previous year, according to a recent study by professors at Northeastern University. Experts say that ransomware has a lot to do with exploitation of the human element – like employees, customers, and suppliers. But organizations can still win with the right technology on their side.

Deploying tech offerings and tools designed to combat ransomware alongside comprehensive company-wide strategies can go a long way in preventing – and in the worst case – mitigating a ransomware incident’s impact. With these tools, MSPs can develop sound strategies to greatly minimize existing opportunities for attacks on their clients.

Learn what you need to become a ransomware expert with Cisco’s Dima Kumets, Senior Manager, Product Management Cloud Security. In this online event, Kumets will discuss:

  • What Ransomware is, and the current risks and threats to different types of SMBs
  • How MSPs can communicate the threat of ransomware to their clients; and make it simple for them to understand the risks
  • How MSPs can leverage key technology and strategies to de-risk ransomware in their clients businesses while ensuring that their own organizations are optimized for success in this space

Also, get answers to frequently asked questions such as:

  • How do you and your clients remain on the offense with ransomware?
  • How do we avoid these cybercriminals?
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