What’s missing in your network security stack? DNS

August 18, 2015

DNS is used by every device on your network. But are you leveraging it in your security stack? DNS can see every connection destined to anywhere on the internet, whether on or off the corporate network. In fact, Verizon’s highly regarded Data Breach Investigation Report stated that “[DNS is] among the single best sources of data within your organization.”

Cisco provides a cloud security platform that can deliver you the quickest “win” to improve your security stack. From small businesses without dedicated security professionals to multinational enterprises with complex environments, it takes mere minutes to gain a new layer of breach protection and internet-wide visibility on and off your network.

Cisco's VP of Engineering Cloud Security, David Ulevitch, will discuss:

  • Where you have compromised systems and data exfiltration blind spots today
  • Why signature-based antivirus, firewalls, and proxy gateways miss most command & control (C2) callbacks
  • How we prevent (vs. detect) threats with a painless deployment and transparent experience
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