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Another Day, Another Data Breach

August 30, 2019

By now you have probably heard the importance of investing in security. You may have some concerns surrounding Ransomware threats or unauthorized bitcoin mining using your precious network resources. Maybe you also find it difficult keeping up with compliance and mandatory requirements. The big questions are, where do you begin and what is the right investment for YOU? Join Cisco to hear a few key recommendations that can dramatically improve your security and incident response capabilities, regardless of the threat. Topics include where and why to refresh certain technology over others, the importance of validating existing capabilities with breach detection, and how to gain visibility across all areas of the network, cloud and endpoint without deploying thousands of appliances or agents. This will be a best practice, capabilities focused conversation vs. a specific product deep dive. All provided by the author of SOC and Digital Forensics titles for Cisco Press, Joseph Muniz.

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