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Dissecting a Breach — An Incident Responder's Perspective

August 30, 2019 Charlee Chayatanan

How to Build a Better Incident Response Program Cisco Incident Response Services experts Sean Mason and Danielle Sermer have seen organizations stumble when it comes to responding to nearly every type of incident. In this on-demand webinar, they will explain how the market has shifted away from a reactive-only stance towards incidents and why incident response services and their proactive component need to be a critical part of every security strategy. Sean will explore the Who, What, Where, Why, and How when it comes to Cisco’s Incident Response Services. Danielle will dive into case studies that demonstrate how customers’ programs have been used to improve organizations’ overall security. In this on-demand webinar, you will: - Gain insight into the ever-changing Incident Response landscape - Get an understanding of how Cisco Incident Response services helps organizations - Understand proactive services you should be leveraging to be better prepared and more resilient in the event of a data breach or other incident.

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