MSPs Leveraging Cloud Security to be the Virtual CIO Webcast

December 4, 2013

Ransomware, trojans, and keyloggers are increasingly targeting SMBs—and traditional, reactive security solutions are not cutting it. Malware not only puts your customers at risk but also hurts your bottom line through hours wasted cleaning up infected machines. But how do you protect customers that may not understand the risks or the value of layered security? The answer lies in leveraging increased visibility and value reporting to improve your bottom line and become your customer's virtual CIO and CISO. Join Cisco’s Dima Kumets, Senior Manager, Product Management Cloud Security and guest speaker Jim Lancaster of MSPmentor 100 company Sagiss to learn about: -Combining protection and containment to lower costs -Improving renewal rates through value reporting -Leveraging OpenDNS's new integration with ConnectWise to be the Virtual CIO -Monitoring real-time network activity as a sellable service

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