Visibility in the Cloud: Save time and grow MRR

November 9, 2015
Visibility in the cloud: See how to save time and grow MRR RMM is great at showing you what software is running on your systems but today’s users are accessing cloud applications directly through the browser creating blind spots. At the same time, work is no longer a place you go—it’s something we do from home, coffee shops, and airports. That has created a huge blind spot for network perimeter security. Your clients, who are just trying to do their jobs, are signing up for consumer cloud applications without considering the compliance or business risk. So how do you regain visibility and control in world of roaming users, BYOD and cloud applications? Use Cisco Umbrella for MSPs reports to gain complete visibility that was lost with the eroding network perimeter and cloud applications. See how you can quickly find security risks and identify opportunities to increase sales — all within an easy-to-use dashboard. In this session, you will learn: -How Shadow IT is changing the threat landscape -How to leverage Umbrella for MSPs centralized reports for a global view of security risk and cloud app usage -How you can generate new revenue by identifying rogue cloud services and use data-driven sales.
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